7408 Pittsford Palmyra Rd
Fairport, NY 14450


Noonan's Pub, Fairport, NY
Open 7 Days a Week

11:30 AM – 2 AM

Serving Lunch & Dinner
Co Owner Tim Knapp

Co Owner Tim Knapp

TR Noonan’s is the product of two former golf professionals, Tim Knapp and Rob Knebel. They spent the last 12 years together managing the golf operation at one of the area’s finest private country clubs, never really discussing the idea of buying a bar/restaurant. Tim’s 20+ years and Rob’s 10+ years in the service industry have allowed them to hone their skills at helping people enjoy their leisure time through an upbeat, friendly atmosphere. Although they were perfectly happy in their previous careers, they saw an opportunity to take what they had learned over the years and apply it to a business they could call their own. They were surprised to learn that the network of contacts they had built over their time in the golf industry made the transition into the bar/restaurant business easier than anticipated. One obstacle after another was overcome until they found themselves asking the question “Do we really want to do this?”

Co Owner Rob Knebel

Co Owner Rob Knebel

After a few sleepless nights, they both decided that it was a once in a lifetime chance that they could not afford to let slip by. Neither wanted to drive by the Noonan’s site in the summertime and see a parking lot full of cars, and know they had made a huge mistake in not following through on the deal. A couple months later in February of 2011, they were closing on the building and property at 7408 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd.

Tim and Rob are hands-on owners, with one or both of them on the premises all the time. They understand the importance of being visible and approachable and want patrons to think of Noonan’s as a home away from home. Their priorities are quality and consistency wrapped in a fun, positive environment. They want Noonan’s to be the place that you can’t wait to show off to friends and family that have never been there before.

The next time you stop in, grab one of them and introduce yourself, that is, if they don’t see you first!